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“Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ” is a mission that is fully embodied by every single staff at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road from 1971 till now. Over the past half-century, it has truly been a privilege and an accomplishment that we can continue to serve the community and transform lives, be it for patients who have means, or patients who have benefited through our Foundation and charity funds. We thank them for their trust in us – it is a testament of our doctors and staff’s dedication towards delivering exceptional service and results.

Exemplifying this mission and our five values of compassion, excellence, family, wholeness, and integrity, began with our pioneers, notably Dr. Harry Miller, whose vision has established the Hospital to what it is now. During these semi-centennial celebrations, I will be remiss to not thank our leadership, past and present, for their guidance; along with our Foundation, such as Dr. Tom Chan and other donors, for their generosity; and to our doctors, medical team, and staff, for their faithfulness. Last but not least, we thank God for leading this institution from its inception to the present, and towards the next 50 years.

We expect excellent personalized service for our patients to remain a fundamental driving force in the future. To further enhance the patient experience, we are looking forward to a re-development project, which we hope to start within the next 2 years. By embracing new standards of healthcare and expanding our facilities, equipment, and capacity, we want to ensure our patients feel cared for in an advanced, yet comfortable and familial setting.

May the Lord continue to bless our work, and enable us to touch the lives of many more.

Mr. Alex LAN

President and Chief Executive Officer of
Hong Kong Adventist Hospital


Legacy Gallery

Dedicated & Caring Service
No matter the situation - overwhelming happiness of a new birth, the anxiety of sickness, or joy after recovering from a prolonged illness, we will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you at these critical moments in life, and witness the grace of God together.
Abide by Faith to Achieve the Extraordinary
We are sincerely grateful to the benevolent and talented doctors who have worked with us throughout the years. The innovative treatments and techniques they introduced have provided our patients a professional and exemplary medical service.
United Hearts & Hands
Thank you to all of the staff that have stood by the HKAH – SR over the past 50 years. It is through your selfless dedication, unity, compassion, and cooperation that we have achieved so much!

Celebratory Events

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road's Golden Jubilee Celebration

Our Golden Jubilee celebration, held on 4 May 2021, was lively and memorable. The live-streamed event kicked off with a welcome address by CEO and President, Mr. Alex LAN, opening remarks by Board Chairman, Dr. Bob FOLKENBERG Jr., and a lighting ceremony conducted by members of the Board of Governors, as well as senior management. Other highlights included an employee prize presentation, a musical performance, and tours of the new rehabilitation center, all of which created a joyous atmosphere and served as the perfect opening for HKAH – SR's upcoming series of celebratory events.

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HKAH-SR 50th Anniversary Treasure Hunt Quiz

To commemorate our hospital’s legacy, a Treasure Hunt Quiz was organized as a staff activity in April as an interactive game to familiarize staff with both the hospital environment and many of the hospital’s important milestones. A total of 9 outstanding players out of the many participants passed the quiz with flying colors and competed for the Grand Prize of our 50th Anniversary Treasure Hunt Quiz. Many staff participated in the fun and enjoyed the process as they were taken point by point, discovering facts and putting pieces together of the hospital’s history.

Most Heart-warming “Family” Photo Competition

“Family”, one of the guiding principles of our hospital, was the theme of our Most Heart-warming “Family” Photo Competition. Staff were asked to take photos expressing the idea of “Family”, and the heart-warming care and respect that we hold for each other in our hospital as a home. There were a total of 17 entries from 12 departments participating in the competition. Six winning entries were selected as the most heartwarming family photos by Mr. Alex Lan, our President and Chief Executive Officer. The competition brought about many special heart-warming submissions from different departments, staff and doctors. The submitted photos made a wonderful and heartwarming gallery in the intranet portal.

Tongue Twister Competition

On the 50th anniversary of the hospital, a Tongue Twister competition was one of the staff events held celebrating this Golden Jubilee. There were 2 parts to the competition spreading over a duration of a month and a half – Tongue Twister design and speed challenge where staff showcased their creativity, writing, and language skills. Winners were selected from both Chinese and English entries of tongue twister design. Winners of the Chinese and English tongue twister speed challenges wowed us with 2.42 seconds and 10.99 seconds respectively for the top speed record!

Eco-Lantern Design Competition & Eco-Lantern Display Party

Mid-Autumn is one of the most important festivals in Chinese culture. To promote environmental friendliness and celebrate the Mid-autumn Festival with our staff family, the hospital organized an Eco-lantern Design Competition and Eco-lantern Display Tea Party in September. At the tea party, snacks and juice were provided to colleagues as take-away refreshments while they were appreciating their colleagues’ creative and environmentally friendly lantern designs. Staff voted for their favorite lantern and the lantern receiving the highest votes from all staff was awarded the Popularity Award. Over 200 staff participated in the fun exhibition throughout the day.

Towards the Future


Visitors' comments

Celebrating our Golden Jubilee     Building a New Future
As our hospital marks its 50th anniversary, we invite you to show your support by
blessing us with encouraging messages that inspire our hospital and staff.

Hope hospital grows from strength to strength

Ivan Yeung
YSD HK Limited
感謝港安醫院所有醫護人員及同事為大家嘅付出, 祝賀五十周年金禧院慶!
Jack Dyson
Thank you for always giving me amazing care for the past 10 years. I appreciate you and all you do each and every day. I appreciate you taking care of me and my family and the time and energy that you put into caring for others!
Lee Ann
Heart Centre 同事非常親切,細心講解每個程序,令我減少擔心。謝謝!
Mrs. Tse
Thank you to all team members for your support during induction, delivery and post-natal care!

We keep a wonderful memory of this moment with you.
Carol Ruan



Frankie Wong
Mary M

Extremely professional and caring from attending doctors and nurses which helped me feel very comfortable and confident at the procedures. Knowing that I was in Good hands!
I found all staff attentive and friendly.
K Lam
I feel very pleased to have my baby give here 5 year ago. Love seeing the staff, nurse, midwives. Working so passionately. Their care and supports. Makes the entire stay so comfortable and relaxing. Thank you.
N Djordjevic
It is with great pleasure that I take this opportunity to express my undying gratitude to you and your good nursing staff. Without their dedication and care, I would not be here writing today. It was their attentiveness, their power of observation which saved my life in the risk of time. So, for this I am eternally grateful. Pls keep up the amazing work for the next 50 years!
Congratulations on your 50th year! I have been a loyal customer to Adventist Hospital for more than 5 years. The services provide by Hong Kong Adventist Hospital are practical, organized, staff are amazing and the food is excellent.
I had my kid here and I always come when we need medical service. We are most grateful for the care of the entire pediatric unit. All the nurses and Doctor in particular for the tireless care! Appreciate with the allowance given to reduce anxious among family members.




The service here was phenomenal. I was very anxious in the operating theater, and the nurses went out of their way to calm me – by explaining what would happen and engaging me in conversation. Before the procedure, every bit of information was double checked by different nurses, which was reassuring, and the visits from the doctors and anesthesiologist were pleasant and reassuring as well. Great service!



Throughout our history, we have been committed to advocate “Total Health”
concept in providing high quality healthcare services to our community.
To learn more about our Hospital, please click here to view the Golden Jubilee Anniversary Booklet.
We hope you enjoy reading it!